This page is a tribute to my fantastic customers all over the world as they allowed me to feature their beautiful homes showcasing my large art prints. To you all goes a massive Thank You for your amazing support!

The backgrounds of all my images were created by exclusively using alcohol inks (ai). This process is followed by adding Hebrew calligraphy and other motifs, which are rendered in acrylic.

Using ai to create my backgrounds makes every single piece unique as ai backgrounds are totally impossible to 100% replicate. Only the added calligraphy can be duplicated.

All images shown in this gallery—as well as those in both the Oversized Postcards and the Greeting Cards sections—are available as customized high-quality prints—ANY SIZE including XL, ANY QUANTITY, SIGNED OR UNSIGNED—on photographic paper, metal, acrylic, canvas, vinyl, watercolor paper, wallpaper, and many other materials.

CLUSTER & SPLIT WALL ART COLLAGES: a unique display option for a single image or a full art collection. Clusters are multiple images, printed on different panels. Splits are one image, cut into multiple shapes and/or sizes. Choose from multiple art-gallery configurations, including squares, triptychs, and parquets.

Price dependent on choice of image size, substrate, quantity, shipping requirements, etc.

Limited editions are available upon request. Worldwide insured shipping.


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